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ParKam (Israel) Ltd.

Visiting address

Pinsker Street 44


Tel Aviv

Postal address

Pinsker Street 44

Tel Aviv , 3614617



Tel +31 611 60 62 57

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Company information

ParKam Navigation System
ParKam was formed to resolve the worldwide problem of finding reliable parking on the go. It is known that 30% of inner-city traffic is created by people who are looking for available parking spots.

On the other side of the spectrum, parking lots lose customers and money as finding parking is still an exhausting and frustrating process. In addition, parking lots are losing money as they lack the data to utilize maximum capacity and rely on unnecessary manpower

Our unique, innovative solution is based on Real Time Computer vision. To find the best available parking spot we use our innovative proprietary algorithms which process footage from cameras that are already installed or will be installed by ParKam where necessary. Unlike other solutions, we only need one simple camera for up to 100 parking spots.

From the same streaming, we also operate a state of the art enforcement system.

ParKam offers a holistic, fully automated, very accurate, patented solution, second to none, for your smart city, parking lots of shopping centers, stadiums, airports, universities etc.

ParKam’s state of the art navigation system guarantees you always arrive at an available parking spot.

Company information

Headquarters location Pinsker Street 44
3614617 Tel Aviv
Some facts
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Company Size


  • Advanced Parking System
  • Advanced Video Analytics
  • Cloud-based Parking Solutions
  • Find Your Car
  • InfoPark: App Mobile for Final Users
  • Intelligent Guidance System On-street
  • Intelligent Guidance System On-street
  • Intelligent Guidance System Outdoor
  • Locate your car
  • Location Based Advertising
  • Location services
  • Mobile Parking
  • Mobile Parking System
  • Mobile payment
  • Municipalities Parking Systems
  • On Street Parking Solutions
  • Online Enforcement
  • Parking App
  • Parking App for IPhone
  • Parking Enforcement Solutions
  • Parking Guidance Software
  • Parking guidance system based on cameras
  • Parking Management System
  • Parking Maps
  • Parking Solutions
  • Parking System
  • Software for Controllers Management
  • Software for Parking Management
  • Software for the Council Management
  • Universities Parking Systems
  • Web-based Parking Solutions

Product information

For City Streets 

  • navigation app
  • pay by app
  • Big Data insights
  • Open API
  • Cloud or Servers based solution

Imagine it is morning, you are driving into your workplace and there is much less traffic than your normal mornings. Your navigation system directs you to an available parking spot near your destination, you then pay on app, and arrive to work on time, what a lovely morning.

When your boss wants you to show him how you have managed to increase the productivity, you show them how your current manpower of traffic inspectors increase productivity, since now they get alerts whenever someone exceeds the parking time or is parking in any illegal way.

Most importantly you now have a real time tool to meet all your future planning requirements of your smart city. Our Heat Map allows you to better understand your city’s needs, helping to solve your traffic issues. You get Big Data insights, information on where people initially wanted to be navigated and where they ended up parking, thus driving smarter city planning. You can also ask for any big data you need, translates into cash flow for your city, In-App Payment for easy advanced revenue control, Open API for seamless interaction between applications and Cloud or Servers based solution.

Stop dreaming! we have the solution ready for you and your smart city.

For Parking Lots

  • navigation app 
  • pay by app
  • Big data tool
  • cloud platform 

Our smart solution answers all parking needs, by providing a variety of increased or new revenue streams to your parking lot. 

Imagine your customers driving through the gate, an LPR system recognizes their license plate, they are then directed to a free parking spot, with no stress or traffic jam in your parking lot, all in real time.

When they wish to return to their car, the app navigates them to it (never again will you see anyone looking for their lost car...), then they pay on app (and yes it can be in your app!), the exact amount is charged (no more headache of lost cards, unnecessary manpower for card validation on special offers etc..) and no more clutters at the exit gate. Can you imagine achieving 100% utilization of your parking lot?

We use cameras that are already installed or will be easily installed in designated areas, one simple camera can cover up to 100 parking spots. We will give you a state of the art BI tool to better understand your parking lot needs, a Big data tool that analyzes customer behavior and patterns to support targeted marketing that translates into cash flow for your parking lot, all is provided via the cloud platform and processed on high-end servers.

ParKam offers you a complete holistic solution, however, we understand each parking lot has their own needs and uniqueness. Let us help you build the right suite for your parking lot needs. Well, you do not need to dream anymore, our technology is there, ready for the challenge.



City Street Heat Map

For smart cities, we offer our advanced BI tool and Heat Map, which displays all your city’s needs in oneCity Street Heat map holistic system and a real-time tool to meet all your future planning requirements of your smart city.

The BI Tool ParKam created for you will help you learn more about your city actual needs. As we use cameras, we know in real time what are the areas that need addressing and new parking spaces.

We make it easy to see with our Heat Map and statistical data per parking spot and other measures as per your needs and request.

BI Tools

Combining our advanced mapping technology and state of the art navigation system resulted in an unparalleledBI tools BI tool which analyzes consumer behavior and provides a detailed dissection of it, by time, parking spot and other measures as per your needs and request.

The current offering gives the parking lot manager interactive analysis of the facility occupancy by the hour, day and month. In addition to that, it provides an interactive heat map by occupancy and by activity.

The BI Tool gives you all the knowledge you need for your revenue control.

In-App Navigation Map

The groundbreaking navigation system will direct all users to an available parking spot closest to their destinationApp ParKam.

Unlike other parking navigation systems that show you current availability, or which parking lot to go to, ParKam’s navigation system guarantees you always arrive at an available parking spot in your city streets or parking lot.

Our proprietary mapping technology assigns GPS coordinates to every parking spot. In addition, the system can retain GPS coordinates for any point of reference (store, bus stop, gate, terminal etc.) to assist users with their navigation.

We only navigate the user to a parking spot that we know will be available upon their arrival and therefore we create frustration free atmosphere.

Last but not least, the system will direct the user on foot back to their car when they wish to leave.

Open API

Seamless interaction between applications ParKam API

With our open API, ParKam can easily embed its system into any application to ensure seamless customer experience.

Our embedded App will enhance the usage of your App, increase its user count and also increase the time users spend on the App. Now, your App becomes the ideal platform for targeted marketing to your specific market niche and provides you with a wonderful opportunity to create easy revenue.

Cloud-Based Service

All ParKam’s services are provided via a cloud platform and processed on high-end servers, which can be accessed from anywhere worldwide.

However, if you require retaining all the images in-house servers, ParKam can easily accommodate that.

Parking AlertsAlerts Parkam

ParKam’s enforcement system sends real-time alerts to your parking inspectors of all illegal parking violations. This includes overdue parking, but also other parking violations such as parking in a bus stop, double-parking, parking on sidewalk and more. As our solution has “eyes” we are able to see ALL Parking violations, resulting in the increased productivity of your current staff.

Our system is easy and friendly to use and is accessible from any phone or tablet.

Availability MapAvailability Map

Display your parking lot’s availability for the benefit of your customers and staff.

This reliable tool shows parking availability updated in a split of a second once parking spot status changes.

By using live footage from the cameras, we guarantee 100% accuracy.

Customer Data Analysis Customer Data Analysis

Using Big-Data translates into cash flow for your city or parking lot. We understand customer behavior and patterns so we make them stay longer on your app, to support targeted marketing.

To make it easy, all you need to do is let us know what data you are after, and we will customize it for your needs, and help you increase your cash flow.

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